Boutique in Rome,
since 1987

Degli Effetti is situated on the street between Piazza di Monte Citorio and the Pantheon, one of the most quintessentially Roman spots in the Italian capital. Together with his Business Manager, Emanuele Gigliucci, the Creative Massimo Degli Effetti carries out extensive research into the unique and unusual, seeking out counter-current styles that avoid trend conventions. "The boundary between fashion and art is imperceptible" he says, "but while art can work alone, the fashion designer is the starting point of a long journey."

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79, Piazza Capranica
Rome Italy
+39 06 6791650

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93, Piazza Capranica
Rome Italy
+39 06 6790202

Degli Effetti

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Taste from degli effetti:

Vellutata di Cime di Rapa e Broccolo Romano

Con spaghetti di patate, vongole veraci, cozze di amalfi e tartufi di sicilia.


Fashion from degli effetti:

DESA – nineteenseventytwo

In 1972 was born Desa, that very soon became one of the most important manufacturer companies about luxury bags and accessories.