don't like to show my work on a catwalk as it has nothing to do with clothing garments.

Carol Christian Poell

“Everybody follows fashion, but change goes against the stream.”

Carol Christian Poell is an Austrian designer, born in Linz in 1966. He started as a men’s and a ladies’ tailor in Vienna, then few years later he studied fashion design at the Domus Academy in Milan where he established the production and distribution company Carol Christian Poell Srl with his partner Sergio Simone in 1995; in this year he presented his first men’s collection, and then, starting from this, he developed his ladies’ collection 3 years late.

His works express top quality and a deep research, but always between the lines. He doesn’t follow the usual fashion schedules, but he present his collection only when he feels like it. Every collection is based on an outstanding craftsmanship that require time and extreme effort to reach the perfect result. Nonetheless, It is a specificity that only those who possess the sensitivity to choose when it is the right time to express his own aesthetic ideas.

“I don’t like to show my work on a catwalk, as it has nothing to do with clothing garments”.

In fact his creations are more wearable works of art than real clothing, even more they express a superb pleasure and satisfaction wearing them. His works, in addition to fabrics and leather (mainly for his shoes, boots, sneakers and jackets), include the use of such unconventional materials as human hair, bodyplast, and blood-dyed treatment. Furthermore each of his pieces, tailored with absolute precision, place his works to the extreme limit of settled territory beyond which is lies, making him the creator of a fashion which is not fashion. The approach of Poell’s work shows no regret in redefying fashion industry standards. In his own words: “Too often the word ‘avantgarde’ has been used not properly. ‘Avantgarde’can’t be either fashion or trendy”

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